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After silver soldering the joints on the axleplates and straightening the frame all the joints were ground clean and we could continue on the sissybar.


We used some thick rubber tape to get the correct distance between fender and tire, and after a little massaging with the english wheel the fender was duck-taped in place


The sissybar was made from 12 mm stainless steel which is Aad's speciality. Aad spent a couple of hours welding grinding and polishing and the result looked pretty slick!


As the fender is not very strong we decided to make the seatbase extra strong, the seat will be bolted to the sissybar and the fender will just be mounted to the seat without needing to support any weight. For the seatbase we started with a piece of 1.5 mm steel that was shrunk into the correct radius. To be continued.