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We started on the sissybar, but while test-fitting Aad noticed that the frame had slightly warped from the welding heat. Change of plan! We decided to finish all the welding first then straighten the frame in a jig and then make the sissybar.


We decided we would mount the drumbrake with the stopbolt straight in front of the axle, and made a little bracket that would allow the wheel to still move back and forth so the chain can be adjusted. Then lots more filing and sanding and grinding and polishing.


The axle plates will be silversoldered (allthough it is not really neccesary); we want the look to match that of the stock castings that have also been silversoldered. After that we can straighten the frame and continue with the sissybar. In the meantime we tested Johan's new ultrasonic cleaner on the old carbs, they cleaned up quite nicely!