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We decided to clean up and polish the floatbowls of the Amal carbs, which worked surprisingly well. Last time we had made some brass caps for the floatbowls but once we mounted them we both thouht they looked too big... We tried changing the shape but in the end we started over and made some low profile stainless steel caps. Some parts take longer than others to get right I guess, haha.


To tighten the thin brass nuts on the intake manifolds we made a special tool from aluminium so the nuts would not be damaged


We cleaned up the welds on the fueltank, pressure tested it and then coated the inside with Tank-Cure. The oiltank was also pressure tested and required a few small welds. While Aad was welding I started on the wiring, a few more Monday afternoons and we will be starting the bike in bare metal so we can test everything before final paint.