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The tank we scored for this project came wiith a huge 1/2" bung for the fuelvalve sticking out the side and we did not like that at all! Also the welds on the tank needed some cleaning up, in an earlier stage we had cut off the flanges and converted the tank to an invisible rubbermount. So anyway, we cut off the ugly bung and closed the hole first.


I had scored a tiny fuelvalve from Kustom Tech that we converted to a screw-in mount, then Aad machined a new bung according to my sketch.


Aad welded the new bung to the tank so that it lines up with the angle of the carbs and does not stick out, as we want the fuellines out of sight between the carbs. The welds on the back of the tank have also been cleaned up, the ones on the front we will do next time.