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Last week it was time to put the freshly rebuilt engine back in the frame. This required removing the valvecovers as it is a very tight fit in the frame, once the frame is painted this will need to be done very carefully..


Once the engine was in, we refitted the valvecovers and installed top, front and rear motormounts. We also connected the oilline for the heads to the copper oilline that we had installed through the frame. For now we used a transparant piece of tube so we can check if there is actually oil reaching the head. We made a lower motormount as we had not done that yet, we reamed the holes in frame and engine slightly oversize for a perfect fit.


With the new lower motormount in place we noticed a gap between engine and frame so we machined a spacer for that, and then the engine was firmly in place. Next we reinstalled the "disappearing sidestand" which hides behind the exhaust when not in use.


We decided to add a grease nipple and Aad filed a groove in the sidestand to spread the grease evenly. Next time we will reinstall the hydraulic clutch while the bike is still hanging in the air!