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On the rear wheel we had already replaced the bearngs but the threaded rings holding them in place were n very bad shape so we decided to make new ones from stainless steel (ofcourse...) Both are different in height, and one of them has left handed threads.


We cut the threads on a big Ursus CNC lathe at Aad's dayjob, drilled 4 holes in each ring on Aad's Bridgeport using an indexing table and made a third ring from steel that would become the mounting tool. For the tool we made 4 pins in the steel ring and welded on a strip, Works like a charm!


Now that the rear wheel was ready we mounted it in the frame (which will remain unpainted for now as we expect there might be some welding neccesary as we build up the bike) Next time we will mount the engine, make a new lower engine mount and line up the rear chain. Then oillines, fuellines, wiring etcetera