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We have been reassembling Cadbike 49, not for the last time, and one of the things that still needed to be done wasadding mounting tabs to our homemade fork shrouds. Working with thin stainless steel is always tricky as it tends to warp when you weld it. We out a copper plug inside the shroud where the tabs would be welded but still managed to slightly deform the shrouds. It took several hours to massage them back to the original shape...


The stainless hex bolts that pinch the forklegs in the lower tree also needed some upgrading, Aad domed the heads in the lathe and then polished them to a mirror finish.


All the hardware on the forks has been cleaned, shaped and polished and the fork and frontwheel are mounted in the frame. The frame will remain unpainted for the time being as we still will be doing some welding here and there. After testriding the bike we will take it apart again and coat the frame.