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The rear sprocket was sandblasted and then powdercoated in a steel color, and we wrestled a 21" Avon Speedmaster onto the rim by hand so we would not damage the powdercoating, no worries! The rear wheel was a different story, because just before we powdercoated the rim (Light Ivory) we discovered that the rim had 3 valve holes.


Ofcourse we could have welded 2 of them shut but we decided just for fun to leave them and put 3 valves in the wheel to mess with peoples heads, haha. We made two fake valves and then also decided to make 4 of the knurled nuts that keep the valves in place so that all 4 valves would look the same. The rear tire is an 18"Firestone Champion Deluxe by the way.


We had chosen a Turqoise Green color for a lot of the other parts and decided to test it on the fork trees. Aluminium plugs were made to cover the areas where we did not want powdercoating, the trees were sandblasted and our friend Elvis powdercoated them for us


The color seems quite extreme but together wth the Ivory we think it looks kinda cool!