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We decided to go with modern electronic ignition and a black box that will allow the bike to run without a battery, and the only place to hide all this was the batterytbox. Also the oilline to the head looked a bit vulnerable sticking out of the bottom of the centertube so that also needed to be fixed.


There was aa solid bar between the batterybox and the centertube, we removed that and replaced it with a piece of tube so we will be able to run the wires into the frame. We also notched the centertube so the oilline no longer sticks out beneath the bike.


The electronics boxes were rubber mounted inside the "batterybox" so that there was enough airflow around them, and we added louvres to the stainless cover so that it does not get too hot in there. There is also an opening in the bottom so that should allow for some air circulation. On the top there will be a homecast battery cover, which ofcourse will be polished eventually.


In the meantime both wheels got new stainless spokes and we picked up the rebuilt engine. We whipped up an engine stand so we could hold it in place untill it goes back in the frame.