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The last step in hiding the ignition coil (under the tank) was to make a "tunnel" through the frame for the plugwires. Now that the engine is being rebuilt we have the opportunity to finish all the details of the frame


After checking that the plugwires actually fit, the tunnel was welded in place and the welds smoothed. Next on the list was the oilline to the heads; we had already partially hidden it in the toptube and downtube, but the last 20 cm (8") were still in full view.


To get the oilline to exit behind the top motormount was quite tricky, as there was no opening between toptube and countrybar, so we had to drill through both tubes to create a passage, then wrestle the copper oilline through the frame.


When the oilline was in place the holes in the frame were welded shut and all was smoothed so that you would never know they had been there. The bracket for the old ignition coil was removed and again all holes welded shut and smoothed

Another job that would have been very difficult with the engine in the frame, was to weld and blend in the pivot for the sidestand. Next time we will work on the wheels!