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We had intended to use a chrome coil on the frame behind the carbs but the plugwires just did not look right running below the frame, so we decided to hide a mini-coil on top of the frame that would be hidden by the tank. As the coil was higher than the rear of the tank we started by notching the frame.


Aad welded a 5 mm thick strip in the notch to make sure the frame was not weakened, and now the coil fit very nicely. We also cut off the mounting ears from the coil to make it even smaller.


From some pieces of sheetmetal we fabricated a housing to be welded in the tunnel of the tank, the plan is to make the coil completely invisible once the bike is finished. Ofcourse making things look simple can be quite complicated!


The little coil housing was very carefully welded to make sure there will be no fuel leaks near the coil, as that would be a recipe for disaster, haha. Then we cut a hole in the tank tunnel and welded the housing in place. Now we needed to figure out how to get the plugwires from the coil to the engine..

We took a piece of square tubing and cut out a section from the middle leaving it just big enough for 2 plug wires, then drilled the frame and filed the holes just big enough to tap the rectangular tube through. We got quite a lot further than this but I will show you the rest next time..