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The engine was about ready to be completely rebuilt but before that there were a few things we needed to do. There was a broken rib on the cylinder head and one of the valvecovers needed to be polished together with the primary cover


Actually the engine looked like it had been rebuilt ot to may miles ago but just to make sure it will be completely cleaned and reassembled with new bearings, gaskets etcetera.


Fixing the broken rib was relatively easy, we made a filler piece and Aad TIG welded that in place, then it was a matter of sanding and grinding. Polishing the primary was a lot more work, Aad started with sanding with finer and finer discs and then used Johans giant polisher for the final buffing. As I am writing this the engine is already in Groninger for the rebuild, and we have done more work on the rest of the bike, so I need to catch up with writing this buildthread!