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This week we made the "leg" of the sidestand, starting with a rectangular bar of stainless steel. We used the Bridgeport to give it the rough tapered shape, then bent it under the press and Aad used the beltsander to get the smooth shape we were after.


We temporarily tack-welded the hinge back on the frame to make sure we had all the angles correct and then welded the leg to the the pivot pin. Aad had ground deep grooves on both sides of the weld area in advance so was then able to weld several layers on top of eachother for maximum strength.


Then as usual a lot of sanding, filing and polishing happened. With the hinge still tacked to the frame we were able to mark the positions of the sidestand (in and out) and Aad ground the correct shape according to my quick and dirty sketches. To be continued, ofcourse...