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A few weeks ago we made a rough mockup of the sidestand for Cadbike 49, which disappears between the exhaust and the frame so it does not interrupt the lines of the bike. Now we will make the final version using the mockup as a guideline. We made a little jig using some angle iron welded to a piece of sheetmetal to fix the correct angle of the pivot and clamped the jig to the bikelift.


With the new pivot clamped to the jig we made a cardboard template of the shape of the support bracket. The curve in the bracket not only looks nice but makes the whole thing stronger as well. We decided to do the welding on the pivot before machining the hole to the final size, so there would be no problems with deforming from the welding heat.


After the steel bracket was welded to the pivot a lot of grinding and sanding followed, then we finally machined the hole to the final size. The jig made it very easy to testfit, getting the pivot in the exact same location every time.