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In Holland for bikes built before 1978 you can get small darkblue "oldtimer" plates while for newer bikes you have to run bright yellow ones. However there is another rule that states that you need to have 4 numbers and 2 letters, which Aad did not have. Not to worry, there was a possibility to exchange the registration for a historical one, all we needed to do was send the original registration to the RDW (Dutch DMV)

Ofcourse the registration got lost in the mail and it took weeks before it was found, but now Aad had an official blue plate, yippie!


Remember that pretty stainless bracket we made last time with the rounded edges? Well that was just slightly too big so Aad cut off 3 of those pretty round edges and made new ones...


So the smaller license bracket was repolished untill it was literally like a mirror and then we clamped it onto the sissybar to get the correct position. Aad added some tack welds on the bike and the rest was welded on the table. More polishing was done and the end result can be seen in the movie at the bottom of this page