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And again a change of plans, we were working on the new sidestand but the Weiler lathe is getting a new coat of paint, and we did not feel like walking back and forth to the other lathe all the time so let's finish the license plate mount first. We had found that the sissybar could use a bit of reinforcing so decided to use the licenseplate mount to make the sissybar stronger


We cut a 5 mm thick chunk of stainless steel plate, as we needed some thickness to hide the taillight wiring. We machined a groove on one side of the stainless plate so the wires will be hidden by the license plate. For the mounting brackets/ sissybar reinforcements we started with some paper templates.


Polishing stainless steel is not Aad's favorite thing to at all, but he did it antway and the pieces literally have a mirror finish. By the way those nice round edges on the stainless plate he did freehand with an angle grinder. Before welding on the plate to the sissybar we are waiting for the new numberplate to arrive as it is a lot easier to make it fit exactly when it is not yet welded on..