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Adele wanted a luggage rack, so I decided to modify a rack that I designed for Motone as I had one of these already. What I want is that the rack can be easily removed without other parts coming loose, and without drilling holes in the fender. In this design the 2 cylindrical parts remain permanently mounted on the bike and the rack comes off with 4 internal hex screws (M8)


The cylindrical bits have a radius on both ends and I do not have CNC at home but I do have a Digital Readout (DRO) so I used a little program that is built in to make the radius. Basically you tell the DRO what radius you want and how many steps you want to make, and ofcourse where the tool is to start with. It then tells you step by step which XY coordinate to go to. On the larger ends this was 50 steps! Works quite well though, the little steps can be sanded smooth while still in the lathe.


After the lathe work was done I machined a flat side on each of them in the vertical milling machine. In the meantime the flat patterns of the sidemount had arrived a week after I sent the DWG files to the lasercutter. I had drawn slits where the bends will be so it will bend easily. The material is 3 mm steel by the way


I used a little tool that goes in the vise to bend the parts. The tool is attached with magnets but the big side was too heavy so I welded on some steel strips to keep it in place, works much better and ofcours the tool can still be easily removed.


To be continued....