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Someone reminded me that I had completely forgotten to finish the story about the easily removeable luggage rack I made for Adele's Sportster so voila! The idea is that the 2 slugs stay mounted on the bike permanently, fitting in the dished ends of the stock frame. The luggage rack comes off with 4 short allen screws. If the bike looks a bit weird it is because it is all modified Ironhead sheetmetal on an Evo Sportster frame.


After testing everything all the parts were powdercoated black, and Adele has been using the rack succesfully for more than a year now. Another thing about her bike was that the rear wheel spokes tended to come loose making the bike rather wobbly. I scored a cheap disc wheel from Rusty Gold, and mounted a new Pirelli tire.


It turned out that the rear brake disc and the (new) sprocket did not fit on the "new" wheel so I machined both to the correct size. According to Adele the bike handles much better now! Next project: after going to Bildtnotbought chopperfest she decided she wants a chopper, good idea!