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The new front fender arrived and I immediately cut off at least half of it, haha. Motone kindly donated the taillight and indicators. The Belair taillight is one of the parts I designed for them by the way. I decided to mount the taillight with threaded inserts, and to avoid a gap I made a simple dimple-die so the tops of the inserts are flush with the fender.


Next job was the gastank. I prefer the shape of the older Sportster tanks, so I ordered one of those. Ofcourse the mounting of these is different, so I cut off the original mounting tabs and fabricated new ones. I tackwelded the new tabs in place and Aad finished them by doing the final TIG welding


At the rear of the tunnel it needed some grinding, as it has a double wall there that was no problem. The fuelvalve hit the carb when testfitting; I tapped the conic thread in the tank a bit further so now there is plenty of room. We brought the tank and fenders to Customcoating Helvoirt for powdercoat and the seat was already picked up last week by Silvermachine for upholstery


While waiting for powdercoat and upholstery I will fit the new Motone mini indictors and do something about that huge dash...