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Back in 2004 I was in the USA with Krugger and the first place we visited was Cole Foster's shop (Salinas Boys) as we are both big fans. We got to see one of my alltime favourite bikes; Cole's Blue Bobber, and while in the shop I spotted another airscoop in the trash, identical to the one on the Blue Bobber! Cole told me something had gone wrong casting the first one, and if I wanted it I could have it!
Well ofcousre I wanted it! It has been hanging on the wall in my shop for years and I decided to see if we could repair it. What had happened is that while casting there was an area where the molten aluminium had not filled up the mold completely resulting in a "crater" where the wall was thinner than the rest. Aad welded some aluminium beads on the thin spots and after some grinding, sanding and polishing it was as good as new.
I decided to do a laserscan of it just in case, as this part is pretty much impossible to replace, there only being 2 in existance. After that I gave it a quick polish, the part was not ready yet, it still needed to be machined to fit on a carb
Fixing the crater in the casting turned out to be quite easy, figuring out how to hold the scoop while machining the carb flange turned out to be more tricky. To be continued...