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I have been breaking in the new S&S motor, took the bike to a few events and got the first 600 km on it. No problems so far except I lost all 3 screws from my brand new mirror within the first 10 kilometers, haha. That has already been fixed ofcourse, in a few weeks I will be riding this bike to the Hotrod Hayride in the UK, then Choppin Woods here in Holland and the Nomad Run in Belgium and France and who knows what else..


I had an idea for a little lever on the sidestand whick I made from some scrap iron, first I machined a taper in the lathe, then with the beltsander and some filing made flat sides on one end so the shape goes from rectangular on one end to round on the other.


I welded this part to the stock sidestand upper tab (the bit with the square hole) I had used a bit of copper wire to get the approximate shape, traced that on a bit of paper and bent the part into the right shape using the bench vise and a piece of pipe.

Finally I sandblasted and degreased it, used the acid and linseed oil finish that I used on the rest of the bike and installed it. Works like a charm! No more searching for the sidestand plus I can now remove the little tab, so it folds completely under the primary.