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After getting ready to start the bike for the first time I found that the one-piece kickstarter did not clear the rear exhaust, so I put the old kickstarter arm back.


The bike started and idled nicely but compression seemed too low and there was oil leaking on the front pipe. Bugger! Probably something simple but I decided to pull the engine out and fix it later. For now I installed a new crate engine; S&S V80
Felt a bit like Christmas!


The new motor bolted in without any issues, I reused my alternator, CV carb and Dyna ignition. Quite a contrast between the new motor and the rest of the bike, haha

The cylinders seem to be quite a bit bigger than the stock ones were, I had to move the clutch cable a bit to clear them. Just waiting for exhaust gaskets and oilfilter rubbers now, then I can start breaking in the new motor, just in time for summer!