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In the last "episode" of this buildthread I had disassembled the top end of the Evo motor to find out why the front cylinder was smoking and to fix an oilleak on the rear valvecover. I found the bores of both cylinders were in pretty bad shape so had them honed to .010" oversize. The outsides of the cylinders also needed some love so I blasted them to bare metal, painted them with Motip heatproof black and baked the painted cylinders for 1 hour at 160 degrees in my casting oven (as per the instructions) Much better!


I mounted the cylinders on Cometic base gaskets by the way. After inspecting the heads there was nothing wrong there so I just gave them the same paint treatment as the cylinders.

I cleaned the valves, gave them a light grind and installed new valveseals. The headgaskets I used were multi-layer ones also by Cometic. I set the torques on the headbolts according to the instructions from Cometic, which are different than the factory torque settings


The valvecovers were cleaned and reassembled with once again Cometic gaskets, changed the oilfilter for a fresh one and now the engine is ready to go back in the frame! In the next part I will replace the kickstarter crank for a one-piece version and see if there is anything else that needs to be done.
I also had the front drumbrake upgraded at Mascotte-Zuid in Eindhoven and it is now working much better and no longer squeaking! At Mascotte-Zuid they remachine the inside of the brakedrum, re-line the brakeshoes and then grind them in the exact inner diameter of the brakedrum, highly recommended!