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After riding this one for 2 years I had a little list in my head of stuff I needed to fix and/or change:

- Front cylinder smokes according to people riding behind me, find out why and fix

- Rear valvecover gasket leaks, a lot, fix that

- Fuel valve leaks

- Ignition switch needs to move to a new location so I don't burn my hands

- Oiltank needs a side filler so I don't have to remove the seat to check the oil

- Add a switch for highbeam/lowbeam somewhere

So, I figured I might as well grab the bull by the horns and get started, put the bike on the table and strip it!


The fuelvalve leak was found very easily, just a torn rubber. I will have to see if I can find a relacement rubber. The Evo motor was one that I had bought quite cheap (€900) and never opened up, it ran quite fine but now is the time to take a look inside.

The valves were in good shape, I will just clean the heads and add new valve stem seals. The cylinders were a different story though.


The cylinders were pitted and grooved, but were still the original diameter, especially the front one was in bad shape which explains the smoking. Both will be honed and fitted with new oversize pistons. I made a little tool to remove the wristpins from leftover bits of aluminum.