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As I really don't like front fenders at all, I kept removing more and more material until there was almost nothing left, perfect! I sandblasted it and chemically blackened it. I like to leave the acid on for 24 hours or so, to get a nice rust shade, then wiped it off and put cooked linseed oil on to prevent further rusting.


I was planning to go to "Choppin'Woods" but ran into some trouble on the highway as my clutch suddenly had no more resistance. At first I thought the cable had broken but after removing the inspection cover I saw I would not be able to fix it on the side of the road

The "wegenwacht" brought my bike back and we grabbed the Chevyvan to go the party. The next day I went to the barn to see what had happened and soon found that it was just the nut that had come loose. Just to be sure I took the whole belt and clutch off to see if there was any further damage.


All was good, so I put it back together, with Locktite on the nut this time, and the bike is ready for the next adventure again!