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In the last episode, I added a saddlebag. Since then I fabricated a simple quick-release bracket which will be bolted to the saddlebag. By pulling the lever the whole assembly can be removed rom the bike in seconds without tools. The bracket was aged to get the same look as the frame and then protected with linseed oil.


Originally this bike was owned by my mate Harry Handgraaf, who sadly passed away. I decided to make a pointcover in his memory. First a design in CAD, then 3d printed in a mixture of stainless steel and bronze, then chemically blackened and finally the highlights polished for contrast.


Next thing on the list, I want a mini front fender that can be easily removed. I plan to ride without but can put it in the saddlebag if I need it. I started by cutting up a stock front fender but the way things are going I will probably end up making a whole new one from scratch...