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Im the first pic you can see where I had ended up with the front fender. I don't like front fenders, and if I have to have one I want it as small as possible. So it will fit in my saddlebag, haha, and I can use it only when necessary! Back to the first pic, still too wide and too far above the tire..


I kept removing bits and welding it back together untill it was about the size of one of my Vans. Better! Now all that is left is to reshape the contour a bit and stick it in the sidebag!


Clutch time! This bike still had the stock clutch and I decided to upgrade to an RiveraPrimo Pro clutch. I use this clutch on my old Electraglide and like it a lot. It replaces the loose rollers with 2 sealed bearings to there is no more runout, and the 10 little springs are replaced by one diaphragm spring. Oh, and there is much more friction area.


Well obviously I needed to remove the stock clutch first, the only part that is reused is the clutch basket (which is one piece with the rear pully of the primary belt in this case).The new bearing comes as a "casette" that bolts into the clutch basket. It was an easy swap but when starting the bike there was a loud screeching noise coming from the primary!


After removing the outer primary the source of the noise was easily found and 5 minutes in the lathe fixed it. All back together and working fine now!