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At some point I will be wanting a steel rim in the front wheel, but for this summer this will have to do, so I installed a new Avon Speedmaster. Check out this little tool that helps pull the valve through the rim and also can be used to screw out the internals of the airvalve. Next I needed a brake anchor for the front wheel so I made a CAD drawing and had the contour watercut from 10 mm thick stainless steel.


Aad bent the brake anchor into shape for me using a giant pressbrake at his dayjob. Now when you bend thick materials there is quite a bit of deformation on the sides so I machined off some material on each side to make it straight again, drilled and countersunk the 3 holes for the mounting screws and polished it.


Aad welded on the lug that fits into the drumbrake slot. I used one of the front fendermounts between the brake anchor and the forkleg, after reshaping it and giving it a quick polish. Next job: front brake cable...


I found another cool tool to help make the brake cable, (I admit it, I am addicted to tools..) the idea is to slide the copper nipple over the steel cable and then with this tool deform the end of the cable into a ball. After soldering this gives a very strong cable, stronger than soldering alone.


In the last installment I designed a new housing for the USB sockets and sent off the file for 3d printing, After putting in the electronics I filled up the housing with a 2-component silicone rubber which seems to be taking very long to solidify.. Anyway, the USB socket is mounted and it works. I think it is almost time to take it for a ride!