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Aad made a new front axle (to fit a mini drumbrake front wheel) according to my drawings, and I machined the backing plate of the drumbrake to accept the new bigger axle.


I needed a USB socket near the handlebars for the navigation but could not find anything that I could mount in a clean way, so I ended up removing the housing and designing a new housing that is now being 3d printed. This way the USB socket(s) will be hidden between the tunnel of the tank, no ugly wires or brackets visible.


I needed to take the bike off the table as the next job was installing the new front wheel and so I needed to clamp the rear wheel on the table to do that. While it was off the table I took some pictures outside, added oil and fuel and test started it. There was a small fuelleak that will need fixing and it needs some tuning but hey, it runs!