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As I showed you (in CAD) last time, I have come up with a pretty clean solution for mounting navigation or smartphone without ugly plastic brackets. In the meantime we have made the first prototype in real steel. Also we fixed the topnut of the Tolle forks which was a real pain in the ass to install and remove because it only had 2 small flat parts. After some machining it now has a decent hex so that it can be installed with a socket wrench, so much better!


After sitting on the bike and looking at the handlebars, I decided the ugly bracket of the clutch lever also had to go. I had made a new design in Cad and had these machined on a 5-axis machine that allowed for nice organic shapes. I designed them so stock Harley levers can be used in an emergency, but ofcourse I will design my own version also.


My mate Rene (Just Fubar) came over to do some nice TIG welds, much better than my own welds, haha! After all the welding was completed, I sandblasted the bars and did the acid and oil thing to give them a nice finish.


I am quite happy with the riders view now, next jobwill be prototyping the levers and finding a place to hide the cable operated master cylinder for the front brakes..