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When mounting mufflers you are supposed to somehow slide 2 nuts in the slot on the back of the muffler and try to get them lined up with your mounting bracket, which usually involves dropping them several times and not being able to find them anymore, followed by a lot of swearing and cursing... That is why I like to machine and tap a steel strip that slides into the muffler to avoid all the stress. The pipes have been treated with a Cerakote in titanium color by the way, I am quite happy how they turned out!


Back to the handlebars, last time we bent some new handlebar tubes as the Pangeaspeed bars were too low and were hitting the tank. I plugwelded the 2 threaded plugs that I had made into the bars after I had determined the sitting position I wanted, then installed an internal throttle from Calles Chopperdelar (Sweden)


The Calle internal throttle kit is a bit cheaper then the Tolle version I usually use, as Tolle uses ball bearings and Calle uses bronze bushings. No problem with a bit of grease. First step is to cut 100 mm off the handlebar where the new throttle will go According to the instructions the new throttle would be held in place by a tiny setscrew, but I used 4 plugwelds instead. I want this bike to be idiot proof, haha!


I am working on a cleaner solution for brake and clutch handles and also made a special crossbar for the handlebars that can double as a mount for the navigation; this way when the navi is removed no ugly plastic brackets stay behind!