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One of the things that became apparent when I took the bike off the tabe, was that this combination of handlebars (Pangea Speed) and tank was not going to work, as they were interfering with eachother. I did really like the look, so decided to make something similar but a bit higher. I started by machining some threaded plugs that I bolted onto the upper tree. Then spent quite some time finding some 1" pipe in regular steel, which turned out to be more difficult to find here in Holland than in stainless. As I want to do a patina finish like the frame on the new bars, stainless was not suitable.


After I found the material, Aad used the CNC lathe to machine a wheel with the correct radius to bend the pipe around. We left plenty of length on both sides of the bend so I would be able to trim them to size later. The angle is 10 degrees less than the Pangea ones which will help them to not hit the tank...


I could not resist taking a pic before trimming to size, haha. Next the bike will come off the table again to determine the final position of the bars with me sitting on the bike. I want this to be a relatively comfortable bike as I plan to do some roadtripping with it, speaking of which; I would be needing a mounting place for my navigation to avoid getting hopelessly lost. I came up with a cool solution that I will show you next time!

In the meantime the pipes came back from ceramic coating (Cerakote, titanium color) so they can be mounted back on the bike.