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Originally this bike had a fixed rear axle, and I adjusted the transmission forward to get the correct chain tension, then adjusted the primary belt with a belt tensioner mounted to the frame. Now that I have added chain tensioners to the frame I no longer need the belt tensioner so I closed the holes I had cut in the inner primary. I then counter sunk the mounting bolt heads of the bearing support (they interfered with the primary), and had the primary covers de-chromed.


After dechroming I sandblasted the covers and then used acid and linseed oil to give them the same patina as the other parts. The threads for the clutch inspection cover were pretty bad so I installed threaded inserts.


I made some pretty solid exhaust mounts from 10 mm steel and welded them to the frame, then added some acid & oil there as well, quite an easy finish for people like me who are always changing stuff...