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Next job: pipes! I like to start with the lower horizontal part, getting it tuckd in as close to the centerline of the bike as possible and as high as possible so it won't scrape in corners. I made a simple jig to hold the pipe in place, this may seem unneccesary but the frame is wider at the rear than it is at the front and I wanted the pipe to run paralell to the centerof the bike, not the frametube. It really did make it a lot easier.


Now I know I am my own most dificult customer but I also do not like pipes with sharp bends in them, so I ordered some large radius bends from the USA which I think look much better. The problem with cutting bends is that the cutoff will not be round but a bit oval or in some cases D-shaped, so I machined a steel tapered plug that I used to make the weld areas round again.


When I had finished both pipes I thought the rear one was a bit too high and would burn my sleeping bag, plus the lines did not match so well with the front pipe, so I made a new rear pipe starting with a small bend where the pipe comes out of the rear head. Better!


The taillight I am using is a brass plated Motone Belair (I designed a lot of parts for Motone, including this one). To clean up the wiring a bit I CAD modeled a cover that I had 3D printed in a mix of steel and brass by Shapeways, then chemically aged it and brushed the high areas with scotchbrite. Next job will be the exhaust braccket, and I see in these pics that I really need to clean up the barn a bit!