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Almost a month since the last update, a lot has happened since then. The seat came back from Perro Leather works, as I had removed the upholstery to relocate the mounts for the seatsprings. Peer did an excellent job reupholstering! I cut the sissybar to add a chainguard, the sissybar and chainguard are now one piece and the front of the chainguard is mounted to a new tab under the horseshoe oiltank. As usual (on this bike anyway) I did the fabricating and tack-welded everything in place and Aad added the beautiful TIG welds.


I also added a bung for a magnetic drainplug to the lowest point of the horseshoe oiltank. I designed a licenseplate and taillight mount and had that lasercut. The taillight will be a brass plated Motone Belair ( I designed this part for Motone by the way) .


The sissybar came out superstrong, which is what I wanted because it will be used to tie my camping stuff on and have me leaning against that... The whole idea here is to make everything as simple and strong as possible as I want to put some serious miles on this bike when it is done!