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Back in 2010 I designed and made this horseshoe tank (see part 42) that follows the lines of the frame very nicely. Back then I thought it would be a good idea to put the return and breather connections on the left side of the tank to keep them away from the pipes. Ofcourse now I changed my mind and decided to relocate them to the bottom of the tank for a cleaner look. I machined the new connections and tackwelded them in place, then Aad did the final TIG welding. After stripping the whole thing to bare metal I added some patina using acid and linseed oil and bolted it in the frame. I have also mounted the engine and transmission in the meantime.


Next job was to make a sissybar, this time I am going for something strong and simple, and easy to remove if necessary. No polishing, no hidden mounts! The base material is 25 x 8 mm strip, we had to modify the bender to be able to bend this but that was no big deal.I made a design and printed it in full size, then glued the drawing on a piece of wood as a template.


Quite tricky to get both sides the same. I machined some threaded bungs and tacked them to the fender, Aad did the final TIG welding. Next will be the chainguard, numberplate and taillight.