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Years ago my mate Peer (from Perro Leatherworks) upholstered a seat for me that I planned to use on Cadbike 1, but as plans changed for that bike this seat ended up hanging on the wall in the workshop. I decided it would be perfect for Cadbike 13! I testmounted it and found that the hinge needed to be extended, the springmounts moved and the gap at the front between frame and seat could use some work as well. Perro carefully removed the upholstery and I modified the seatpan to fit. As I write this the seat is on its way back to Peer so he can put the upholstery back on.


I also applied some transfers to the tank, these are supplied with a clear border around them which I did not want, so first I cut them out along the black lines and then put them on the tank. Quite tricky to get all the wrinkles out! Next job was to put the wires for the headlight through the frame, this bike may look a bit weathered with all the patina but that does not mean I want messy wires all over it! This needed to be done before installing the forks, the secret hatch behind the neck badge came in quite handy...


Finally I came up with a cool way to mount the tank; I had planned rubber mounts originally but changed my mind and mounted the tank with leather washers and some thingamabobs I designed and had printed in a mixture of steel and bronze. After chemically blackening them I polished the high spots for a bit of character.