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Looking at the bike I thought it really needed a king & queen style seat so I looked through my stash and found one with the perfect worn look. Ofcourse it did not fit quite as well as I wanted so I decided to modify the seatbase a bit. The idea was to make it fit on the existing mount so I would still have the option to switch to the solo seat.


As you can see in the pics the shape needed some tweaking to follow the frame better, I considered making a whole new seatbase but figured it would be cooler to use as much as possible of the old material. The old worn leather will be put back bt Silvermachine Seats


I replaced the points with a Dyna ignition, fitted a new battery, adjusted the ignition, and bled the rear sprocketbrake. So far so good, now the frontbrake! I was planning to keep the discbrakes with mini Brembo's and hide the master cylinder somewhere, but just did not like all the brakelines and changed my mind. I found a 21" frontwheel with a small drumbrake, so will try to afdapt that to fit. To be continued...