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Ok, one of my new-years resolutions is to finish the damn #13! Not only did this project get interupted by several other bike builds, I actually cannibalized some of the parts from it. Job #1 now is to install the sensor for the Motogadget speedo. We decided to hide it inside the stainless steel hub-cover that we made earlier.


Aad machined a little cup that was welded on the hub, a small high power magnet was glued in there with Loctite. We made a little stainless tab that mounts the sensor, now the only visible part will be the small wire coming out.


As the whole project had been standing still so long I assembled what I had and pushed it outside to see it in daylight. It looks terrible but that is just to get it registered, after that the real fun begins!


I made a list of all the small things that need to be done before registering. This week I fixed the clutchcable and throttlecable, repaired one turnsignal that was not working, installed the kickstarter, replaced the oil-pressure switch and relocated the choke cable. And installed the speedo sensor obviously. To be continued...