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After still not having this bike registered in the beginning of 2019, very embarassing, and having lost motivation as the new rules just made it look so000 ugly, I decided a change of plans was needed. Long story short, it is now finally registered with 1975 "eigenbouw" papers and I can finally build it the way I want it! So after making a quick mockup I stripped it!

In the meantime I used the CAD model of the bike to try out some different styles, I like the lines of the bike but cannot seem to decide on the color yet. Oh well, let's just make it run first and worry about the color later, it has taken long enough already!


I came up with the idea to run the (minimal) wiring through the frame and around the neck, so that the wires would exit as close to the headlight as possible. Also I made the new neck in one piece with built in bearing cups and hidden fork stops, and finally I added an access hatch so that I can get to the wiring if necessary without remmoving the forks. The hatch is 3d printed in a mixture of stainless steel and bronze, chemically blackened and the high areas sanded and polished. RFHH stands for Ride Free Harry Handgraaf, Harry was the original owner of this project but has passed away, so I will finish it.


Aad bolted a big steel plate to the welding table and tack welded the frame to that. We fabricated a sturdy clamp fixture to get the exact position of the old neck, and then after some cutting and grinding put the new neck in using the same fixture.


The new neck is open where it is attached to the top tube of the frame to make it easier to get the wires throuh. Next job will be to get rid of the fixed rear axle and add some rear chain adjustment, parts are already being machined!