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A little update on the neverending project, haha. I have taken the rebuilt Shovelhead engine from this bike and am using it in my Electraglide at the moment. For this bike I bought a used Evo engine; you can pick these up pretty cheap nowadays. I found some tank-decals on the internet and put these on the temporary Sportster tank, under a layer of clear coat.


As the Electraglide was on the table last week I took the opportunity to push this bike outside to see what it looks like on the ground and in daylight. Hmmmm. The trouble with this bike is that I have very little time and keep changing my mind about what I want it to look like. Sheesh, I should just get it running and registered, what is wrong with me, haha


Well, the Electraglide is running and this bike is back up on the table. Next job will be putting the speedo drive on the rear wheel. I will need to redo the pipes as Shovel pipes won't fit on an Evo. Then hook up the primary and off to registration. Now what I REALLY would want is to put that Harman fork that is hanging on the wall on this bike, but I have a feeling that the current fork will be easier to get registered......