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First job: rear chain. This frame has a fixed rear axle position, which looks clean, but makes it neccesary to come up with a different way to adjust the rear chain. With the 24 T front sprocket the chain had too much slack to fix with a skateboard wheel type tensioner so I decided to try a smaller front sprocket. This looks like it will work better, will continue this next time. Joe at Crimescnechoppers donated a really cool kickstarter pedal, thanks Joe!!!!! I replaced the stainless steel oiltank with a deep ribbed CrimeSceneChoppers oiltank, not only does it look better but it has all the oilline connections at the bottom so they don't get too close to the rear exhaust pipe.


Found a cool gastank on Ebay, with a nasty big dent in it. I made a tape template of the good side of the tank and Ben and Aad made a replacement panel. I found a set of stock mufflers from a 2008 Sportster 1200 real cheap on Ebay, this should help a lot getting the bike through tech-inspection to get papers. Connected and bled the front brakes.

To be continued...