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Next job on the list; a few years ago I made a sandcast clutch pedal and was planning to make a matching brakepedal since then. So here we go! I had a midcontrol on the brakeside before, but with the IDF carb there is plenty of legroom so I am changing back to forward control.

I started by making a quick and dirty mockup in steel to get the mechanics figured out, then laserscanned that and started designing in CAD. Once I was happy with the design I 3d printed the 4 pieces of a positive mold, and used the printed parts to do the sandcasting. If you want to try this don't forget that the mold needs to be about 2% oversize as the aluminium will shrink when cooling.


After casting the parts were cleaned up and machined, the trickiest part is to fixture these rather organically shaped parts under the milling machine, but with some imagination that can be done. The brake reservoir will remain under the swingarm so this system will use a rather long puchrod to transfer the movement of the pedal to the reservoir, more about that next time...