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Last year I replaced the heads on my Shovel with new STD heads. These have 3 bolt exhaust flanges where the stock ones only have one bolt per flange, so I had been intending to make matching flanges on my pipes for a while, this winter I finally found the time to do this..

I started with a little sketch on paper, which I used to make a CAD model that I could send to my CNC guy. The flanges start at 1.75" where they exit the heads and taper out to 2", leaving enough room for the mounting bolts. 2 weeks later I had some shiny new stainless flanges, which I testfitted first to make sure they would fit. They did,


I marked the cut on the pipes, removed the old flanges and Rene (of Just Fubar) did a great job TIG welding the new flanges on. I cleaned the welds up, and decided I wanted to safety wire the exhaust bolts, so made a little jig to drill the heads of the bolts. Ok, next project!