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Here a quick update on Cadbike #1, I have switched from points to Dyna S ignition and decided to switch the front wheel from 19" to 21". I had an old starthub that was worn out so I converted that to modern bearings. Made a clamp to hold the hub in the lathe. I had forgotten how hard the metal is on these things! A friend dropped off 2 more starhubs and I converted those as well. I will be making a stronger chome-moly front axle to complete the upgrade.


When the hubs were ready I searched my attic and found a nice old narrow 21" rim. The rim was powdercoated in Light Ivory to match the rest of the bike and Haan Wheels made a set of stainless spokes for me. I slapped on a new Avon Speedmaster (21"x 3") and as soon as the new axle is ready it can go on the bike.