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This winter I have replaced the old wornout beltdrive, and also replaced my early sandcast intake manifold prototype with a better quality lost-wax cast one that is hand polished. Just for fun we made a scaled down version of the famous scoop from Madmax/the Road Warrior


Also I installed my new 21" front wheel with modern bearings and a stronger chromemoly front axle, replacing the 19"wheel that I had. This is a bit more practical as the bike was so low that the kickstarter hit the ground when starting.

Watch Youtube video here, this is a much longer
version than the one on Instagram/Facebook

I used to have the smallest Antigravity battery hidden under the swingarm, this turned out to be quite unpractical also as the bike has an electric fuelpump and you could see the voltage dropping as soon as I switched on the ignition. I made a cast aluminium bracket that will carry the most common old fashioned (scooter)  battery and Perro Leather made a leather cover. Now I have easy access, plenty of power for kickstarting and if necessary I can easily get a cheap replacement when on the road. The strap is not final yet, will bereplaced by a stainless steel one. Almost ready for summer, one thing I still want to do is make some kind of removable luggagerack for my raingear & sleeping bag!