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As I am installing the first of the 4 sandcast aluminium intake manifold prototypes on my own bike I needed to modify the manifold support bracket. I used some strips of steel to make a template on the bike, and then using those Ron made a negative template in aluminium while I was casting footclutch baseplates.


Using some pieces of the old bracket and some new material Aad fabricated the new bracket on the template in stainless steel. In the meantime I had designed a new baseplate for the footclutch and orderd a 3d print at Shapeways, so I sandcasted two of them (always good to have a spare)


After the castings had cooled down I machined them and also made new bronze bushings and a stailess steel pivot shaft. In the movie below you can see the first mockup. Still some details to finish, such as the stops for the minimum and maximum position. Come see this bike at the Rogues Choppershow this Easter!