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Ofcourse the bike was re-assembled with the new STD heads months ago, but I had forgotten to update the buildthread. You can hear it running in the Youtube movie below.


For this winter my plan was to redesign the footclutch and maybe make a new taillight from skratch. Footclutch first! I made a design in CAD and had it printed in 3d (which is quite cheap nowadays) then after a few tries made a pretty nice aluminium sandcasting using the printed part as a mold.


While I was casting I also made a pointscover. I machined the footclutch and installed it on the bike, at which point I decided that the footrest mount was too long, so I made a shorter version in stainless steel. Next week I will be casting a bunch of intake manifolds, but after that I want to cast a new baseplate for the footclutch as well!