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After installing and honing the valveguides the next job was grinding the valveseats. Aad has a really cool Hall valveseat grinder, made in 1943.


We cut 3 angles in each valveseat, all fits perfectly now! Check out some of the movies below to see the cool old tools in action.

Honing the valveguides

Angling the grindstone

Grinding the valveseats


The heads were masked off with Ducktape, glassbeaded and then very thouroughly cleaned because that glass powder gets everywhere! Then valves, collars and springs were installed after checking the free travel and the travel to coilbind were ok for the .485" lift of the camshaft


I installed 4 new Bosch Platinum sparkplugs allthough the previous ones were still working fine, those things last forever! The old heads will be restored and put on another project, these new heads can now be installed on my bike!