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After staring at the seatbase for a bit I decided to narrow the rear a bit more. Aad did the aluminum welding, we added 2 hooks on the front and a single screw on the back and then sent it off to Marcel Miller Upholstery. Within a week I had the upholstered seat back, Marcel did a great job!


I did a little more cleaning up, grinding and smoothing of the frame, unspoked the font wheel and dropped off a whole pile of parts at the powdercoater. Next job will be preparing tank and fender for paint.


Aad and me added the recessed gascap, rib and rubbermounts to this tank years ago, and El Cheapo did the pinstriping. Before the new paint goes on there is one thing that needs fixing; the tank has a flat area on the top around the gascap that causes a sharp bend in the rib. My friend Ben at Ben's Metalshaping SHOP is reshaping the top of the tank so there will be no flat area anymore. To be continued!